Vertical slices in rotation

Vertical slices in rotation

With version 9 of PicturesToExe, the management of custom transitions has been greatly improved. Transitions can now be saved in the global storage or directly integrated into a particular project. A transition saved in the global storage is available as soon as a new slideshow project is created. This storage makes it easy to reuse custom transitions that have already been created.

Like styles, custom transitions in PicturesToExe v9 are categorized. A transition effect can have several variants presented as a list or by orientation buttons (arrows). The orientation button representation is well suited to symbolize the direction of a transition (up, right, etc.).


Rotating image slices

The transition effect shown here cuts the images into 24 vertical slices. The slices are gradually rotated one after the other, making the first view disappear in favor of the second.

The transition has 10 variants listed in the Transition Manager. These variants result from the combination of different animation effects: slice rotation direction, slice rotation axis, slice rotation order and zoom effect.

By default, the duration of the transition is 2 seconds, it can be adjusted on the mounting table.

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The 10 variants of the transition are presented in the video overview below.

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