Particles for Christmas

Christmas particle flow

With the Christmas season approaching, I'm pleased to make available a set of six styles dedicated to PTE AV Studio.

The styles produce a scattering of orange and silver coloured particles. The six styles offer various particle flow trajectories. These trajectories can easily be reversed in the object editor and animated along the horizontal and/or vertical axis.

The styles display an image on a midnight blue background illuminated by a stream of particles. The aspect ratio (16:9, 3:2, 4:3, 1:1, ...) and orientation (horizontal, vertical) of the image can be arbitrary.

An example of the animations is shown in the video preview below :

2 thoughts to "Christmas particle flow".

  1. It is really superb these 6 styles to make a beautiful diaporama in memories of the end of the year celebrations.
    Bravo the artist, I recommend it to all of you passionate about beautiful slideshows

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