Glittering text and animated frame


Set of three modular styles for PTE AV Studio displaying an image in an animated frame containing glittering text.



Compatible with PTE AV Studio version 10 and above.
Not compatible with version 9 of PicturesToExe.

Style configuration

  • Default view duration: 12s
  • Default transition time: 2s
  • Resolution: Up to Full HD 1920×1080
  • Screen format: optimised for 16/9, compatible with 4/3 format (or other formats)
  • Image format: landscape
  • Aspect ratio: All aspect ratios are possible (4:3 , 3:2, etc.).
  • Importing styles into the (DS) Sparkling text and animated framecategory
  • Modular construction of styles for easy adaptation
  • Preview images and video not included
  • Zip file name:
  • Size of the .zip file: 104 MB


An example of the different configurations is shown in the video overview below :


Customise the content of the styles

Once one of the three styles is applied to a view, it is possible to customize the content of the animation in the "Objects and animation" view of PTE AV Studio.

The customisation of effects is useful when you want to change the content or location of the text, or if you want to remove the animated frame and keep only the text. It is also possible to remove the text and keep only the animated frame, etc.


Change the content of the glittering text

The content of the glittering text must be written in the 3 objects numbered 1 to 3. Object 1 contains the body of the text, object 2 contains the outline of the text and object 3 contains the light halo around the text.

The same text must be entered in field 4 for each text object (body, outline and halo).

Sparkling text objects
Sparkling text objects


Delete the text group

To delete the text group, select the "Text group" object, then delete it with the delete key on the keyboard.


Delete the animated frame

To delete the animated frame, select the "Frame mask" object, then delete it with the delete key on the keyboard.


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