Panoramic in perspective

Panoramic in perspective

Here is a set of three styles for PTE AV Studio that will give your images a panoramic movement with perspective effect.

Some landscape photos are particularly well suited to this animation, especially when the image has a foreground or a very marked sky.

The effect accentuates the depth of the scene by slightly tilting the top or bottom (or both) of the image.

Three styles are available, each of them acting on the tilt of a part of the image :

  • bottom of the image: allows to put the foreground in perspective
  • top of the image: allows to accentuate the perspective of clouds in the sky for example
  • top and bottom of the image: intensifies the perspective of the whole scene.

The images used in the demonstration video below were taken by Stéphane Pecqueux, a talented photographer from the Hauts-de-France region.

I thank Stéphane for allowing me to use his photos.

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