Two free styles

Two free styles

Two free styles are available in the DiaporaShop. These styles show a title, they are particularly appropriate to make the opening of a slideshow.

These styles are also available in the Styles & Templates section of the official WnSoft forum (set of forums dedicated to PTE AV Studio).

Both styles are compatible with PicturesToExe version 9.

The first style uses stop motion animation in the same way as those presented in the article Stop Motion Animation.

The second style redesigns an animation available under ProShow Producer. ProShow Producer (PSP) is a slide show creation software competing with PTE AV Studio. Unlike PTE AV Studio, which continues to evolve and keep up to date, ProShow Producer is no longer maintained.

The video below shows the use of the style producing the stop motion animation with four different images.

An example of the style inspired by a ProShow Producer animation:

6 thoughts to "Two free styles".

  1. Hello,
    Currently I use Proshow Producer which is no longer maintained and in 32 bits version which penalizes me in memory. So I discover PTE AV Studio 10.5 which is a 64 bits version.
    I bought the pack 3 that I haven't tested yet, but I also downloaded "Title on blue pool - free style". It's a style I want to use at the beginning of a slideshow with a scrolling comment on the right side from bottom to top.
    I found easily how to delete "Heading" but I don't see how to delete "Enter a subheading here".
    Can you please explain?

    1. Hello Alain,
      To remove the subtitle "Enter a subheading here", after having applied the style "Title - pool" on an image, select the view by clicking on it then click on the button "Objects and animation".
      In the window which has just opened, click on the 'Subtitle mask' object which is at the bottom right of the list of objects in the view. Delete this object by pressing the delete key on your keyboard.


  2. Hello again Pascal,
    It's ok, I deleted the two texts.
    I'm not sure if it's a good idea to use the same style as the one in the "Objects and animation" list, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea to use the same style as the one in the "Objects and animation" list, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea to use the same style. At this point, can I save this style as a "Title - pool perso" style?
    ps: Did you use Proshow?

    1. Hello Alain,
      It is indeed possible to create a new style without the texts. However the condition to be able to do it is to have the PTE Pro version because only this version allows to create new styles.
      I used to use Proshow, but I must say that now I use PTE exclusively for AV editing.
      The Title pool style is a migration of a Proshow style that I made at the request of a user who wished to find with PTE this style that she appreciated under Proshow.


      1. Hello Pascal,
        Thanks for your reply and you have helped me in this process.
        I find PTE excellent for managing sounds but I can't understand why it is not possible to memorize a text setting when it is used on many photos for captions.
        I am looking for ...

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