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If like me you like to take pictures and then share the selection of your favourite shots with your friends and family, the slideshow is in my opinion the best way to spend a convivial moment. An evening takes on a whole new dimension when, thanks to a well-prepared projection session, everyone recovers memories, emotions and sensations through a retrospective of the moments spent together.

Digital technology is now everywhere and has made slide show production accessible to the vast majority. However, the realization of a quality slideshow is not easy. For your spectators, a projection session can quickly become boring when the editing work is sloppy. Who hasn't been in front of an endless slideshow with shots that seem to repeat themselves several times or when effects that are not relevant to the subject take precedence over emotion?

Editing software can produce very good quality videos in HD format and even in 4K format for some software. Broadcasting the edits on a TV or via a video projector has never been technically easier than it is today.

Personally, I use two softwares to make my slideshows: PicturesToExe and ProShow.


These two softwares generate animations of very good quality and are quite similar in terms of functionalities. The success of PicturesToExe undoubtedly comes from its ease of implementation and its cost. However, Proshow offers a large number of predefined effects and transitions as standard and also in the form of additional packs. PicturesToExe (PTE), on the other hand, is limited to a number of effects and transitions that will largely suffice for the slide show purist but will soon seem insufficient for a slide show for family use.

PTE allows you to configure each projected image, but this can be a time-consuming task for the director who wants to produce a quality slideshow without having to develop a specific frame-by-frame rendering. Fortunately, the Deluxe version of PTE has the ability to create styles and transitions that are then easily applied to one or more frames. You can find some styles and transitions for PTE on the internet, but the offer is not very large and the visual rendering is not always there.

That's why, to help fill this gap, I have created styles and transitions for PTE that I would like to share with you on this site.

The DiaporaShop website is intended to be a download area for the creation of styles and transitions for PTE. The creations are illustrated by examples of slideshows available as video preview. You will also find tutorials to adapt the styles proposed on the site.

The styles and transitions available on the site are compatible from version 8 or 9 of PTE. It is likely that over time, creations will be made exclusively for version 9 (released in February 2017) which offers much better performance and functionality than version 8.

The compatible version will be specified for each of the creations offered on the site.

Styles for PTE

Photography must always remain the focus of a slide show, the effects applied are only there to sublimate the shots. I am particularly careful to offer only elegant and modern styles, avoiding falling into the classic trap of excessive visual flourishes. You will find styles from the simplest to more complex montages involving several photographs (or videos) with 3D effects.

The styles offered for download on the site are designed and optimized for a 16/9 projection format. The 16/9 format has become the standard of diffusion at the expense of the 4/3 format which tends to disappear. However, most of the styles proposed are compatible with the 4/3 format without any modification. For the others, simple modifications must be applied for a rendering adapted to the 4/3 format.

Although the styles are designed to be ready to use, all styles and transitions are easily modified to suit your context and needs. They are structured to be easily understood. The article Organization and structure of styles and transitions presents the details of the management under PTE of the styles and transitions downloaded from the site.

Some styles include background images and/or masks, which explains the size of several MB of files to download.

Hopefully these styles and transitions can enrich your next slideshows.